My name is Tisha and I am the owner of TP.Creations Photography. I have always had a love for photography and creative things and now my passion is being shared with others. I may have gotten my start in photography by accident, but my passion for the art is now something I would be lost without. I still have to pinch myself in reminder that I get to do this for a living. I believe that a single photograph can change your mood and evoke emotions you didn't even know you could feel...I strive to evoke those emotions.

Horses....that should be enough said but I can't leave it at just that! I LOVE horses, all kinds of horses, and horse shows! I love that my passion for photography and horses can be combined by doing horse show photography. I have been doing equine event photography since 2010 and we are always striving to better the craft. I am pleased to be associated with some great organizations not only here in Iowa but other states in the Midwest as well.

I am not typically one to sit and talk very formally about myself so here is a list of random facts about me strictly for your enjoyment! :)
1. I talk.....A LOT! I talk with everyone, I talk to myself, I just talk...all the time!
2. I love the smell of campfire...so many good memories are surrounded around around a fire!
3. I have two doggies that I love dearly & they cannot be more different in personality!
4. I would be LOST without my cell phone...I had to go 18 hours without it & it almost was the end of the world!
5. My favorite movie is "Wild Hearts Can't be Broken" such a GREAT movie :)
6. My biggest supporter, Tim, and I have been together for nine years now.
7. I have three college degrees....2 bachelors & an associates (that I don't really use...)
8. I can't just sit down and edit, I always either have youtube, TV, or a movie going...
9. Many embarrassing things happen to me....if you ever need a good laugh, just hang out with me :)
10. My eyes are my favorite feature...wink, wink LOL
11. I beat cancer! 
12. Even if I could live anywhere in the world, I wouldn't leave Iowa! This is HOME!

I love sharing my love of photography and life with everyone so be sure to follow me on social media!


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Thank you for checking out TP.Creations Photography & I hope to get make your moments of today last you a lifetime of tomorrows.