Attention Class of 2019!

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Kaylynn & Oscar

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Holy WOW!

Kaylynn, I cannot thank your momma enough for having me out to play in the snow with you and Oscar! You two are so adorable together and Oscar is such a cute, funny horse! I hope these photos will help you remember him for a long time to come!

2018-02-15_00012018-02-15_0001 2018-02-15_00032018-02-15_0003 2018-02-15_00042018-02-15_0004 2018-02-15_00022018-02-15_0002 2018-02-15_00052018-02-15_0005 2018-02-15_00062018-02-15_0006 2018-02-15_00072018-02-15_0007 2018-02-15_00092018-02-15_0009 2018-02-15_00082018-02-15_0008 2018-02-15_00112018-02-15_0011 2018-02-15_00122018-02-15_0012 2018-02-15_00102018-02-15_0010 2018-02-15_00132018-02-15_0013 2018-02-15_00142018-02-15_0014 2018-02-15_00152018-02-15_0015 2018-02-15_00162018-02-15_0016 2018-02-15_00182018-02-15_0018 2018-02-15_00172018-02-15_0017 2018-02-15_00192018-02-15_0019 2018-02-15_00212018-02-15_0021 2018-02-15_00202018-02-15_0020 2018-02-15_00222018-02-15_0022 2018-02-15_00232018-02-15_0023 2018-02-15_00252018-02-15_0025 2018-02-15_00242018-02-15_0024 2018-02-15_00262018-02-15_0026 2018-02-15_00272018-02-15_0027 2018-02-15_00282018-02-15_0028 2018-02-15_00302018-02-15_0030 2018-02-15_00312018-02-15_0031 2018-02-15_00292018-02-15_0029 2018-02-15_00342018-02-15_0034 2018-02-15_00322018-02-15_0032 2018-02-15_00352018-02-15_0035 2018-02-15_00532018-02-15_0053 2018-02-15_00332018-02-15_0033 2018-02-15_00362018-02-15_0036 2018-02-15_00372018-02-15_0037 2018-02-15_00382018-02-15_0038 2018-02-15_00402018-02-15_0040 2018-02-15_00392018-02-15_0039 2018-02-15_00422018-02-15_0042 2018-02-15_00442018-02-15_0044 2018-02-15_00412018-02-15_0041 2018-02-15_00452018-02-15_0045 2018-02-15_00432018-02-15_0043 2018-02-15_00482018-02-15_0048 2018-02-15_00492018-02-15_0049 2018-02-15_00462018-02-15_0046 2018-02-15_00472018-02-15_0047 2018-02-15_00502018-02-15_0050 2018-02-15_00512018-02-15_0051 2018-02-15_00522018-02-15_0052 2018-02-15_00542018-02-15_0054

Show Horses by Shannon

Oscar is being offered for sale - Contact Shannon through the above link for details

Class of 2018 | Jessica

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This girl...

This girl is a superstar!

Jess, your personality is contagious in such a fun way & I have loved working with you! I am so happy that you braved the cold, snow, and wind for an awesome snow session! I can't believe you are a senior! I hope to keep seeing you around and making people laugh!

2018-02-12_00022018-02-12_0002 2018-02-12_00032018-02-12_0003 2018-02-12_00042018-02-12_0004 2018-02-12_00012018-02-12_0001 2018-02-12_00052018-02-12_0005 2018-02-12_00072018-02-12_0007 2018-02-12_00062018-02-12_0006 2018-02-12_00082018-02-12_0008 2018-02-12_00102018-02-12_0010 2018-02-12_00092018-02-12_0009 2018-02-12_00112018-02-12_0011 2018-02-12_00132018-02-12_0013 2018-02-12_00122018-02-12_0012 2018-02-12_00142018-02-12_0014 2018-02-12_00162018-02-12_0016 2018-02-12_00172018-02-12_0017 2018-02-12_00152018-02-12_0015 2018-02-12_00182018-02-12_0018 2018-02-12_00212018-02-12_0021 2018-02-12_00202018-02-12_0020 2018-02-12_00192018-02-12_0019 2018-02-12_00222018-02-12_0022 2018-02-12_00242018-02-12_0024 2018-02-12_00232018-02-12_0023 2018-02-12_00262018-02-12_0026 2018-02-12_00252018-02-12_0025 2018-02-12_00272018-02-12_0027

Top 4 Tool I Use to Maximize My Time

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As glamorous as some people may think owning your own business can be, running a small business (successfully) alone can be overwhelming and can take up a crazy amount of time! I am someone that likes to always be busy – but I want to be busy with things that make me happy and things like book keeping and social media are not on that list. So over the past couple years, I have discovered some tools that help me maximize my time when it comes to tasks that I am not so crazy about.



Pixifi has been a life saver for me! It helps be run all the boring parts of the business such as scheduling, emailing, contacts, invoices, and more. There are so many studio/business management tools out there now and they all basically do the same thing, it is just a matter of finding one that fits your budget and with how your brain works – and for me it was Pixifi.

I love that it does everything for me and once a client is booked, it will send out the invoices, contracts, questionnaires, take payments, and send me and the client reminders of when things need signed or paid.

One feature that I really love about it is all the templates you can make for basically everything! It saves so much time from having to writes out the same information every time or copy and pasting. I also love the workflow visualizer, it allows me to see at just a glance how far along I am with every client.

If you aren’t using a client management program yet, I strongly suggest one!




I don’t know about you, but I am not thinking about social media every minute of the day wondering when I should post, what I should post, and then try and remember to actually post. If I didn’t have Planoly, my Instagram would be non-existent.

Planoly is a great tool that helps me upload all the photos that I want to share on Instagram, type out the captions for them on an actual keyboard (which to me is way faster than my phone), and then schedule the posts to alarm you when to post. (You get a notification on your phone when it is time to post since Instagram doesn’t allow complete scheduling integration.)

There many cool features that it also has that I take full advantage of like saving hashtags I frequently use, tracking the stats of your posts, and allows you to see how your planned posts look in the grid.

Untitled-1 copyUntitled-1 copy


Passion Planner

I know so many people find paper planners so old school but there is something about writing things down that helps me remember them better and better visualize what I have to do.

I am someone that is very goal-oriented and that is a big part of what drew me to this planner. I love how it helps me map out my short and long-term goals, track the steps I need to take to achieve my goals, and reflect about my progress.

I also love having a paper back up to my schedule and find it much faster to quickly whip out my planner and check my availability than fumbling through an electronic calendar that may not even load because technology often finds a way to hate on me.

My planner basically sits open on my desk everyday and makes it easy to see what sessions I have coming up, what content I need to work on or get out, my to-do lists, and personal errands or work that I need to focus on too.

And yes…I am one of those planner nerds that decorates their planners – not the extreme where the planner isn’t really usable anymore, but I do like to use coordinating colors fill in blank space with stickers and quotes. It makes me happy so no judgement please! LOL




This is a new one for me, so I can’t brag on it too much but from what I have done with it so far, I love it. As I mentioned before, I don’t like spending hours posting content to every different type of social media. But like every small business owner, you want to get seen however you can.  For me when it comes to social media, Facebook and Instagram are my biggest ways of reaching clients, but I still want to have content out there on Twitter and Pinterest but don’t want to put as much work into it.  

IFTTT is an applet that will take what you post to say your Instagram and then post it to other social media as native posts (no shares or reposts). And I use it to help keep my Pinterest and Twitter updated with my latest content without having to actually post to all the different social media outlets individually.

I am sure I not using it to its full potential yet, but so far, this is a handy app that is helping me keep on the social medias I tend to forget about when I get busy.

Untitled-1 copyUntitled-1 copy



Facebook Pages also has a feature where you can schedule your posts and I take full advantage of that! I often upload several posts all at once and store then in the drafts folder until I am ready to schedule them. This is great so you don’t have to be online during the best time to post, Facebook just does it for you!

Equine | Kate's Crew

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Oh man, where do I start....

Kate and I have known each other basically for as long as I can remember. We grew up in the the same church, went to the same school, and explored our love of horses in the same 4-H and FFA program; and I am honored to know such a humble horsewoman.

Growing up Kate was always the girl with the little paint ponies, then later came a crazy-eyed painted barrel horse, and now thanks to a special guy with a Clyde, she also has a lovable Clydesdale mare. (Thanks Shane!)

I am so thrilled to have gotten to spend an afternoon with Kate and her crew on a perfect winter, Nebraskan day. I happily accepted Saint Bernard kisses, snuggles from pretty ponies, and didn't mind plopping my booty down in the snow to get some awesome shots.

Enough chit-chat...check out the awesomeness! 

2018-01-30_00012018-01-30_0001 2018-01-30_00062018-01-30_0006 2018-01-30_00042018-01-30_0004 2018-01-30_00022018-01-30_0002 2018-01-30_00052018-01-30_0005 2018-01-30_00032018-01-30_0003 2018-01-30_00072018-01-30_0007 2018-01-30_00082018-01-30_0008 2018-01-30_00112018-01-30_0011 2018-01-30_00132018-01-30_0013 2018-01-30_00102018-01-30_0010 2018-01-30_00122018-01-30_0012 2018-01-30_00142018-01-30_0014 2018-01-30_00092018-01-30_0009 2018-01-30_00152018-01-30_0015 2018-01-30_00162018-01-30_0016 2018-01-30_00182018-01-30_0018 2018-01-30_00172018-01-30_0017 2018-01-30_00192018-01-30_0019 2018-01-30_00242018-01-30_0024 2018-01-30_00232018-01-30_0023 2018-01-30_00212018-01-30_0021 2018-01-30_00222018-01-30_0022 2018-01-30_00252018-01-30_0025 2018-01-30_00202018-01-30_0020 2018-01-30_00262018-01-30_0026 2018-01-30_00282018-01-30_0028 2018-01-30_00292018-01-30_0029 2018-01-30_00272018-01-30_0027 2018-01-30_00302018-01-30_0030 2018-01-30_00352018-01-30_0035 2018-01-30_00312018-01-30_0031 2018-01-30_00332018-01-30_0033 2018-01-30_00342018-01-30_0034 2018-01-30_00322018-01-30_0032 2018-01-30_00362018-01-30_0036 2018-01-30_00372018-01-30_0037 2018-01-30_00402018-01-30_0040 2018-01-30_00392018-01-30_0039 2018-01-30_00382018-01-30_0038 2018-01-30_00412018-01-30_0041 2018-01-30_00482018-01-30_0048 2018-01-30_00442018-01-30_0044 2018-01-30_00462018-01-30_0046 2018-01-30_00502018-01-30_0050 2018-01-30_00422018-01-30_0042 2018-01-30_00522018-01-30_0052 2018-01-30_00492018-01-30_0049 2018-01-30_00432018-01-30_0043 2018-01-30_00472018-01-30_0047 2018-01-30_00512018-01-30_0051 2018-01-30_00452018-01-30_0045 2018-01-30_00532018-01-30_0053 2018-01-30_00552018-01-30_0055 2018-01-30_00542018-01-30_0054 2018-01-30_00562018-01-30_0056 2018-01-30_00582018-01-30_0058 2018-01-30_00572018-01-30_0057 2018-01-30_00592018-01-30_0059 2018-01-30_00602018-01-30_0060 2018-01-30_00612018-01-30_0061 2018-01-30_00632018-01-30_0063 2018-01-30_00622018-01-30_0062 2018-01-30_00642018-01-30_0064 2018-01-30_00682018-01-30_0068 2018-01-30_00652018-01-30_0065 2018-01-30_00672018-01-30_0067 2018-01-30_00702018-01-30_0070 2018-01-30_00662018-01-30_0066 2018-01-30_00692018-01-30_0069 2018-01-30_00712018-01-30_0071 2018-01-30_00732018-01-30_0073 2018-01-30_00722018-01-30_0072 2018-01-30_00842018-01-30_0084 2018-01-30_00852018-01-30_0085 2018-01-30_00832018-01-30_0083 2018-01-30_00742018-01-30_0074 2018-01-30_00772018-01-30_0077 2018-01-30_00812018-01-30_0081 2018-01-30_00792018-01-30_0079 2018-01-30_00782018-01-30_0078 2018-01-30_00802018-01-30_0080 2018-01-30_00822018-01-30_0082 2018-01-30_00752018-01-30_0075 2018-01-30_00762018-01-30_0076