November Q&A

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november qanovember qa


I have been collecting your questions and here are some answers! Hope it's helpful :)



How did you come up with your business name?

To be 100% honest I am the biggest fan of my business name. I would have loved to go off my name but Tisha Pol Photography or Tisha Nicole Photography just didn’t seem to flow well in my mind and SO MANY PEOPLE mispronounce my name that I figured it would be best going with something else. At the time of starting my business, a lot of people were using cutesy names and I went in that direction too and just incorporated my initials into it. I have contemplated changing my business name several times to Tisha Nicole Photography but often get talked out of it because of the brand I have built with TP.Creations Photography.


When is the best time of day to shoot?

My favorite time of the day to shoot is during the first and last couple hours of the the day known as “golden hour”. This time of day often has a beautiful, softer light. I would suggest practicing in all different lighting situations though so you can be prepared if you are given less than ideal settings to work in by a client.




I am thinking of getting a 50mm but only ever had zoom lenses. Was it hard to get used to moving around to get the shot?

I thought I would hate working with fixed focal length lenses at first but I actually prefer them now for my sessions because it makes you move around and when doing so, you find new perspectives you may not have if shooting from the same spot and just zooming in. For my sessions, my 85mm rarely leaves my camera body and if it does it is only to be replaced with my 50mm.


What website host do you use?

I use Zenfolio to host my website and my domain names I get from GoDaddy.




What are you favorite tricks to get ears?

I have a slew of tricks but I typically always start with whistling and making noises myself. If that doesn’t interest them, I will use the All Ears app on my phone. The app has various sounds that normally gets attention pretty well. The only problem the app sometimes gives me is over exciting the horse and giving me unnatural head/neck placements. I will also use a stick horse, broom, plastic bottle with rocks, grain buckets, picking grass, throwing things in the air...basically anything you can think of that may get those ears! LOL


What is your favorite part of your job?

Wow...there are so many things I love about this career! But I would have to say that the BEST part is knowing that I am creating something that will be cherished for many years to come. Not only by the clients but their children and grandchildren as they share their memories through my work.



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