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Being well prepared for your senior pictures can make a huge difference! It can turn average portraits into something AMAZING! This guide is designed to help you prepare for your senior portraits in every way, from your mindset down to your shoes!


M  I  N  D

The most important thing I strive to portray in my work your personality! That is what makes you so unique and that is what will make your portraits different from everyone else’s. We don’t want you to force an image of something you are not. It is most important that you are comfortable and relaxed in what you are doing and wearing. The days before your session, steer clear of stressors and do things that make you happy. Focus on creating an energy that will best bring out your awesome personality when it is time for your pictures. A good friend is always helpful to have around during your shoot too; they can help you keep relaxed and having fun. 


B  O  D  Y   &   S  K  I  N

In the week before your session I recommend getting a full nights’ sleep as regularly as possible and staying hydrated. This will help clear your complexion and just help you keep feeling great! I also suggest making sure to avoid too much sun before your session; although a little color is always nice, lobster red skin and tan lines are not photo-friendly! If you have to be in the sun, lather up with a good sunscreen and make sure to reapply as needed and if you find that you did get too much sun close to your session date, hydrate your skin with a good moisturizer and exfoliate when you shower. (Don't understand some of the girly stuff here? Don't fret, just ask mom!)


S  M  I  L  E

Now this is an important part of your senior portraits! We all know everyone has two different smiles, the one you give when you “have” to and then there is the REAL smile that exudes your true personality – I want that true personality smile! To achieve that smile, I may say & do some crazy things, but if you don’t think your parent or I can bring that smile out in you – bring a friend that can really make you laugh and smile! If you have braces, we suggest scheduling your session after they are off if possible but if not, there are some tricks we can do to make them less noticeable in the photos - just contact me and we can talk further!


N  A  I  L  S

Nails may not be something you think about when planning your senior portraits but they are something that will be seen indirectly and we don’t want them looking gross! We suggest that your nails be flied down and clean.


H  A  I  R

Another thing I am sure you may not put much thought in on a day-to-day basis but here are couple tips for you that will help with your session. Do not make any bold changes to your hair close to your session like the cut or color. We want your portraits to show your natural style so we suggest wearing your hair in a style that you would normally. Hats are a very popular way to add some style to your session as well as show off your personality. Facial hair (if you choose to sport it) should be well groomed as well. Scruff often does not photograph well on younger faces so we recommend a clean shave the night before. It would be suggested to bring a comb and your desired styling products to keep your style in place throughout your session.


A  P  P  A  R  E  L

I understand guys typically don’t care what they wear but these pictures represent you at this milestone in your life. (Plus your mom cares!) I recommend wearing things that you like & represent you. If you don't know what to wear, ask for help from your mom, sister, and girlfriends for help planning your outfits. Have some extra outfit options picked out and bring them all with you and I can help narrow things down -- it is always better to have too many choices than not enough! I recommend dressing in at least one classic style (more dressy) and a couple different casual outfits. Some things to avoid include small patterns or clothing displaying distracting logos. Larger stripes & plaids are great when paired with solids but try not to only bring stripes and plaids. Lastly, make certain your clothing is well fitted, wrinkle-free, and clean; including your shoes. And don't forget guys can accessorize too with hats, watches, ties, belts, etc.

P  R  O  P  S

Props are great way to add style to your session and show off the things that you love. Feel free to bring anything along that you would like to include in your senior portraits! If you are involved in sports, consider bringing your uniform and apparel for the sports you play as well as the equipment used to play them. Musical instruments, books, and art supplies are also fun ways to show off your talents in your session. And our most worked with prop is animals! I am known for working with horses but am comfortable in working with any sort of animal you wish to have involved in your session. When working with animals, I ask that you have someone there that is capable of handling the animal while we are maneuvering around and when we are not using them. If you want pictures done in an area that your animal is not familiar with, I ask that you practice with them beforehand to ease the process at the time of your session. Also, make sure you have permission to have your animal in the location of your desire. If you plan on using certain props in your session, please let us know what you would like to use and how so I can best prepare myself creatively for you.




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