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     Hosting an equine photography related workshop is something that has been a goal of mine since I stepped out into the realm of sharing the knowledge I have to offer a couple years ago. After countless hours planning, my first workshop was born and I would like to thank all the attendees and models for making the day the success it was!

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     Planning a workshop in April in Iowa, I was taking a big gamble with what the weather was going to do. It was pretty cold and rainy the days leading up to the workshop but I was beyond happy to have had clear skies and warm temps come the day of the workshop! The workshop was at Bittersweet Farm in and Black's Show Horses graciously provided us with several beautiful models to work with (horses and people).

     The overall focus of the workshop was a general guideline to working with horses, posing, and using natural light. We started the day getting an overview of conformation of the horse and angles that flatter them both still and in motion before we started brought in people models. As we brought in the people, we covered different go-to poses for both one and off the horse all while working with changing light throughout the day. 

     Although I am happy with how the workshop turned out overall for my first time hosting one, I have a slew of notes on things that I need to improve on or would like to do differently for future workshops. The thing at the top of that list is to not cram too much information into one day! I wanted to give a big variety of models and locations to work with but I feel it ended up taking away from my overall goal of what I wanted to teach. I also need to read up and get my hands of some entry level gear so that I can better help attendees get the images they desire with the gear that they have since there are many options entry level cameras just don't have and I seemed to have forgotten that over the years!

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Behind the scenes photos provided by Leah Ried, Cassie Hagen, and myself.


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Arden, I don't have anything set yet but I would like to have another this year sometime.
Arden Farrar(non-registered)
Are you planning on holding another workshop in the future?
Great photos. I hope to attend a future workshop put on by you.
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