TP.Creations Photography | Q&A | JANUARY 2018

Q&A | JANUARY 2018

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Do you have tips for staying focused working from home?

Ugh! This is a hard one because I feel like I am constantly struggling to keep myself focused and on task! But her are some things that I found that help me tremendously staying productive…

1. Having a set schedule and sticking to it. I typically start my day with emails and boring office stuff, then fill any print orders needing done, and then get to the fun stuff of editing. If I have a session that day, I work up until I must leave for my session.

2. Get ready! Even if it is changing out of pajama pants and into yoga pants! I have found that getting up and getting ready for work, just like you were going to an office not in your home you jump start your brain into work mode.

3. Turn off social media.  This is the hardest part but the less distractions you have, the more you get done!


What are your favorite tricks to get ears?

I have a whole bag of tricks because not all horses respond to the same kind of stimuli. I will typically start with whistling, and then go into having my assistant move and jump around to get attention. If that doesn’t work, I will try the AllEars App – this normally gets the attention of all horses but sometimes can get them too excited and that isn’t good either so I use this with caution. I also have a stick horse, a water bottle, a squeaky toy, and food in my car at all time. Normally something will work. One other tip is to not over stimulate the horse! Only do one thing at a time. If one thing doesn’t work, go on to the next but don’t over do it. You don’t want the horse getting annoyed.




Do you use a studio management system? Which one if so? What made you choose it?

YES! I just Pixifi to manage my clients and schedule, send contract and invoices, and handle my client email communications. I tried out several different systems before choosing Pixifi and a lot of them are very similar. It came down to ease of use for me. How Pixifi was laid out and organized made the most sense to me and made using it super easy. If you are interested in trying Pixifi, they have a free trial and if you love it, let me know and I will get you a coupon for your subscription!


Do you have a set schedule for your social media posts? If so how do you decide when to post?

Yes. Because if I didn’t, I would only be posting when it is convenient for me (or never), and that isn’t always when the most of my audience is scrolling through their feeds. I schedule my posts around the analytics for my accounts. Facebook business pages shows you when your followers are online under the “isights” section of you account and for Instagram I use the analytics provided by Planoly who I also use to schedule my posts. My Twitter and Pinterest are a mess but I use IFTTT to auto post my IG posts at native posts in both of those…because this girl just doesn’t have time for it all! LOL




What are some of your New Year resolutions?

I kind of hate New Year resolutions but I do spend some time at the start of every year evaluating my short and long-term goals and adjusting them as needed. Some goals that I wish to accomplish in 2018 is to travel more and expand my business. I also want to be able to work less and start a family.  😊  What are some of your goals?


What aperture do you use when shooting moving subjects?

This can vary a lot! If I am shooting a show with strobe lighting, it sets between 3.5-6.3 and if it is outside in natural light it can be from 2.8-5.0. It really depends on the speed of the horse, the light source, and the finished look that I am going for.




I struggle with loosing focus with backlighting. How do you keep your images sharp with strong backlight?

There are several reasons you could be losing focus. If you aren’t back button focusing, that could be a big part of why you are losing focus. It also can help to lock in your focus so in case you or your subject slightly move, everything will still be in focus. Another thing that could be hurting your focus is if you lens needs calibrated. Calibrating your lenses to your camera can be pretty simple to do yourself or most camera shops are capable of doing it too.


Do you do black background only sessions?

I do not. I do include black background images in any of my session packages but I do not see it being something worth me offering as a solo package in my business at this time.



Have a question for me? Drop it in the comments or feel free to shoot me a message!

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