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Julie & Her Four-Legged Friends

April 29, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

If every time I go to Texas I get to hang out with Julie and her friends, I will be a happy camper!

2018-04-30_00012018-04-30_0001 2018-04-30_00022018-04-30_0002 2018-04-30_00052018-04-30_0005 2018-04-30_00042018-04-30_0004 2018-04-30_00032018-04-30_0003 2018-04-30_00062018-04-30_0006 2018-04-30_00072018-04-30_0007 Julie is one of the sweetest, kind-hearted people you will ever meet. 2018-04-30_00092018-04-30_0009 2018-04-30_00122018-04-30_0012 2018-04-30_00232018-04-30_0023 2018-04-30_00082018-04-30_0008 Brandy is such a stunning and kind mare and you can really tell she loves her momma Julie! 2018-04-30_00202018-04-30_0020 2018-04-30_00132018-04-30_0013 2018-04-30_00142018-04-30_0014 2018-04-30_00102018-04-30_0010 2018-04-30_00152018-04-30_0015 2018-04-30_00212018-04-30_0021 2018-04-30_00162018-04-30_0016 2018-04-30_00112018-04-30_0011 2018-04-30_00172018-04-30_0017 2018-04-30_00192018-04-30_0019 2018-04-30_00222018-04-30_0022 2018-04-30_00182018-04-30_0018 I love that Brandy is flashin' a little grin at me here too! 2018-04-30_00252018-04-30_0025 And of course we couldn't forget Zulu....not like he would let you forget him anyway! He made sure to follow us around and sneak in front of the camera for his close up every now and then too! 2018-04-30_00242018-04-30_0024 2018-04-30_00282018-04-30_0028 And this guy is the newest rescue Julie has and I am in LOVE!! So sweet and smart! Puts my Tila girl to shame! 2018-04-30_00292018-04-30_0029 2018-04-30_00262018-04-30_0026


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