TP.Creations Photography | May 2018 Q&A

May 2018 Q&A

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Do you have tips to boost your SEO?

As Rob Greer says, “Google is a Stone-Cold Bitch”! SEO is something that is always changing, maybe even more than the Facebook and Instagram algorithms and I am by no means an expert! There are few things that I am regularly doing to help keep my at the top though – keywording my web pages and client galleries, blogging frequently, and linking my website to my social media accounts regularly in my posts. Again, I am no expert at all in social media, and these things may not be the best things to currently be doing but have been what has worked for me lately. I would suggest joining Rob Greer’s Facebook Group to further help you with your SEO questions!


Do you include bloopers in your sessions? Do you find clients like them?

YESSSS! I love including bloopers in my clients’ galleries! If I come across a blooper that makes me laugh, I include it because more than likely it will crack them up too!


When did you start photography? How did you decide on equine photography?

Photography has always been an important part of my life but I never really imagined it as a career until I was in college when I started getting more serious about it and eventually had a professor tell me I should make the hobby into a business.

Horses have also been a major part of my life since I could walk & talk so horses have always been something I have been drawn to to photograph. When I was just starting to build my business, I photographed anything I could to get a payday but always sought out horse-related shoots.


Do you style your clients or have them do it themselves?

My clients provide their clothing and accessories however I will give guidance in what to wear. When a client books with me, they get a session planning guide that will help them plan their styling for the shoot and I always make myself for dressing room selfies and last minute what to wear questions. I also encourage clients to bring a variety of clothing options, especially if they are unsure of what to wear, and I can help narrow down what to wear throughout the session.


What shows can I see you at this year?!?!

As of right now, I am only doing the Minnesota Palomino Spring Show, The Iowa Run, and the Iowa State Fair. If you have a show that you would like me to be at, or would like to have a photo day at your local saddle club, let me know and we can see if we can work together!


Will you photograph my wedding?

Ahh….to be honest, weddings really stress me out. I do photograph the occasional wedding for certain couples that I feel fit my style but for the most part, I gladly refer wedding referrals to some amazingly talented other photographers I know.


What has been the best marketing tool you have used to gain new clients?

Word of mouth has been the BEST marketing tool for me since day one! Having happy clients that what to share their pictures with all of their friends and refer you to everyone they meet is better than any social media ad or sale you run.


Do you shoot in RAW or JPEG?



What settings do you use to achieve your silhouette shots?

Every photo is different but generally my settings go something like this….

Shutter Speed: 1/125 – 1/250th

Aperture: f/8 – f/11

ISO: 100-500

White Balance: kelvin – dependent on the mood of the photo and current color of the sky


How do you handle clients that don’t want their photos on social media?

I don’t share them. For me, I would rather respect my client’s wishes and have them as a repeat client than to get likes on social media.


I seem to get a lot green cast on skin when shooting in open shade. Is there a way to combat this without completely changing the color or saturation of the grass/greenery?

SPLIT TONING! This tool has been the BEST way I have found to fix unwanted green casts without loosing all the of green color in the rest of the photo where you want it.


Do you have any important things I should consider before going full time? I know I am nowhere near ready to go full-time but that is my long-term goal.

I made so many bad decisions when starting out so I don’t know if I am the best or worst person to ask for this…however if I was in the planning process of going full time, there are a few things I would be considering. The number one thing I would focus on your finances and what you will need to be charging to make your desired income after your CODB, COGS, and paying taxes. Personally, if I was doing things over, I would make sure I had at least a six-month emergency fund instead of the traditional three months. Going full-time is scary and I wish you the best of luck!



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